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I am German born, I hold French Nationality and have, overall, 37 years teaching experience. I am a Trilingual Native Speaker. My trilingual status comes from the fact that I have lived for almost a third of my life in all three counties, Germany, France and England.  


Not only have I lived there and interacted with the locals, but have also studied, worked and taught there, and so have been deeply immersed in all three cultures.  


I started my career in 1972 as Foreign Language Assistant teaching French, German and English at Brentford School for Girls at an Outer London Comprehensive School, in Brentford, Middlesex.  I also taught basic English through fun and games to very young children of immigrants aged between 4 and 8, as well as GCSE French and German to the 15 year olds.  


This was part of my several years of extensive teacher training, which culminated in my Teaching Degree, the B.Ed equivalent, the “Licence d’Anglais”, from Toulouse University in the South of France.  


For many years I worked in the private and public sector in France teaching English and German until I moved to England in 1986, where I have lived and worked as a teacher ever since.  Some of my teaching experience in England was in Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education, where I worked as full-time Language Teacher as well as Class Teacher for several years.  


One of my first employers in Cornwall in 1987 was SUL Holidays, a Summer School which provides English tuition for Baccalaureate and Business students from France and many other countries.  I have also hosted ‘Immersion Students’ in my home, for 2-3 week stays where they may speak only English! I have also taught groups and individuals privately, working within peoples’ homes.  


Another Cornish employer since 1994 was, and is, Cornwall Tutors, who has provided me with many students of all age-groups through the years. From time to time I have also been employed for some supply teaching by Cornish Teaching banks.  


Most of my referrals come via word of mouth and referrals from happy students who achieved their goals, partly thanks to the input I was able to provide.   (See the Testimonials and Success Stories on the next tab.)              


I have family and friends in all three countries, Germany, France and of course the UK, as well as in others further afield such as Canada, the USA and even Jordan and Russia.  


In a way, I am a true Modern European, with a footnote saying ‘French National’ in my passport!   

                                      Gabi Smith